Thursday, 13 December 2007

Ever make paper garlands as a child?

Yarn Garland Scarf
by Angela Roberge


Pippilotta said...

Your scarf is wonderful. I found it at ravelry and started knitting the same evening.
Thanks for the pattern!!!

Pippilotta said...

Thanks very much for your comment in my blog!!
I finished my scarf yesterday evening. It was really fun to knit!
My way of casting on made holes. First I thought of placing beads in there, but now I think it looks good. Just like a little change in the pattern.

rebecca said...

I love your scarf! Are the rows numbered correctly? I'm not sure what to do with rows 10-14.



Angela said...

Becky: Everything but Row 14 (previously labeled #12) was numbered correctly. I changed that one though, so you should have no problem now.

Thanks for letting me know.


Carlo said...

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