Tuesday, 23 August 2005


Red Corset Designs does, indeed, provide wholesale services to select clientele.

Please email me for pricing.

fabric choices

There are a variety of fabrics available.

While I'm happy to hear your preferences, and will try to accommodate, I can neither post all available fabrics, nor guarantee the availability of past fabrics.

Think of it as a surprise.

Ordering Product

Ordering is simple (read: technology free).

A cheque or money order to:

Angela Roberge
57 Adams Street
Bradford, ON, L3Z 3E2

...will do the trick.


There are three options when it comes to shipping:

Shipping: Air Mail (takes about a week) ~$10.00*
Ground Mail (takes about 2 weeks) ~$7.00*
Same Day Purolator ~$45.00* (heh)

*prices based on Canada Post's rates to North America for packages under 500g.