Thursday, 4 October 2007

felt me up

Angela's Fabulous Felted Bag
(acknowledge, use and send pictures)


Anonymous said...

Love the bag

I have an idea for a project title:
Angela's Awesome Agitated Attache!

Hooray for Alliteration

Anonymous said...

Why haven't I seen this bag before. Wow. This is a NECESSITY. lOVE IT!


pinkadelic said...

Adore the bag! Question: Gauge is 14 st = 4 inch,
and you cast on 25 st, that means the cast on edge and bound off edges is only about 3-3/4".
How do you get a pre-felted size of 21 inches?

Even with 80 rows, I don't see how you can come up with this number???

Thanks for your help,

Pinkadelic (ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Have made ten+ so far and everyone that I have given one to loves them. The last two have been knitted from all the leftover wool from the previous bags - just knitted in my own pattern until I had 90 or so rows. Have made a couple with longer handles for the shoulders and has worked well. Casted on 60 or so stitches for the handles. Have also purchased magnet closures and sewn them in so the bag closes which the recipients have loved. One lesson I have learned is not to fold the bag before putting in the pillowcase as it melds and cannot be separated after felting - one bag was put into the trash as it was impossible to separate. What a waste!! Have fun making these fabulous bags that all seem to love.

sea85 said...

WOW this is WONDERFUL, now if I hadn't goodwilled all those outgrown HAND KNIT sweaters my mother made me!

Lisa said...

Question: I've started making one of these (and love the pattern!) and have just passed my first cc stripe, so I'm on about row 10 of the body. I've got the proper amount of stitches on my needles and am knitting every row with the knitted side facing outward. The sides seem to be curling quite a bit and I'm wondering if this is normal or if I've done something wrong. Will it straighten out as I proceed, or when I felt it? I'm a beginner and this is the first non-flat item I've made, so I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Do you mind if I convert this to a loom knitted pattern? I probably wouldn't share it with anyone anyway, but would of course, give you credit for the original pattern.

Carlo said...

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